Today, I express my thankfulness to Dr. Mamta Dighe, IVF Programme Director who has been taking care of my wife Mrs. Shamal for almost 2 years, the best thing of this unit that all the staff members, Doctors loved, cared my wife and was always kind, and had soft corner for treatment at clinic. “Sharing thank you is not enough to show how much we value everything about you people.”
I am so happy that my wife‘s treatment was completed under this clinic with the continuous efforts of all team members and with best results. Youwere very kind to us & we appreciate you for understanding our situationprovided her with the best of treatment.
Myself & my wife felt always welcomed at your clinic & would easilymanaged our problem. Your team members were always there for us at clinic despite clinic is full , filled with various patients who come fortreatment. We all are very happy to have a doctor who is not a medical person but a person who loved, cared , always available for consultationthroughout her treatment. Thank you for inspiring us with your words empowering us when we visited clinic. Your efforts, care made a lot ofdifference to our life & gave us strength to carry on & still empowers me.
Words are often inadequate to express our joy for your help , for sharing our dreams, your invaluable help, support & patience I say thank you all.
Thank you once again & god bless.

Second Opinion