Meet Xenith: We are located in Wakad-PCMC and Koregaon park-Pune, Maharashtra India

Xenos in Greek means a ‘Guest Friend’ and Zenith, a word used for the peak or epitome of a required result or success, both reflect in ‘Xenith’ and are at the core of patient care. The aim is to give a caring and comforting environment to every patient stepping into the clinic and ensuring a successful outcome in terms of pregnancy results for each. The centre ensures being with the patient in their journey towards joy.

Our beliefs focus on providing personalized treatment to the patient.

Our medical team is led by Dr. Mamta Dighe, renowned clinician in the field of assisted reproduction (ART).

Being an Advanced Fertility and IVF centre in Pune we understand your concerns, your feelings and also have the expertise and solutions to fulfill your dreams. We partner with you in your journey to parenthood, with our core expertise clubbed with utmost care.

We are committed to utilizing the most advanced technology, the provision of a small but highly qualified and experienced team of professionals, providing specialist care, treatment of complex cases, and the confidence that our patients are offered the highest quality of support ensures Xenith is at the forefront of assisted reproduction treatment (ART).


Our mission is to resolve fertility problems in the right way for each individual patient. We believe in a conservative clinical approach that aims to minimize medical & surgical intervention & maximize the chance of pregnancy, by offering optimum infertility treatment & options. We support couples in creating their families.

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