Sperm DNA Fragmentation Tests

Almost 50% of all cases of infertility may be associated with a male factor. A semen analysis that measures sperm concentration, motility and morphology has classically been used as the gold standard test for determining a man’s fertility. However, this test does not provide any information about the DNA damage in the sperm, which is essential for normal embryo development. Thus a high level of DNA damage in sperm cells may represent a cause of male infertility that conventional examinations cannot detect.

What is sperm DNA fragmentation?

Sperm DNA fragmentation is a medical term that refers to fragmentation or breaks in the DNA which is contained in the head of the sperm. This DNA fragmentation found in the sperm can lead to several infertility issues including IVF failures and miscarriages. The integrity of the genetic material in the sperm is crucial for conception and embryo growth.

What are the benefits of a sperm DNA fragmentation test?

The reliable assessment of sperm DNA can help to identify men who are at risk of subfertility.

Can high sperm DNA fragmentation be treated?

Treatment will depend on the cause of DNA fragmentation. Treatment options may range from a change in diet and lifestyle, antibiotics (if there is an infection), ruling out presence of a varicocele or testicular aspiration of sperm which may have higher DNA integrity than ejaculated sperm.

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