We offer clinical and compassionate care for couples who need help in achieving pregnancy. About half of all infertility issues are related to male factor infertility. Xenith’s Advanced Male Infertility Subspecialty Clinic is a state-of-the-art clinic fully equipped to diagnose all types of male infertility issues.

Advances in reproductive medicine have enabled men with infertility issues to become fathers of their own biological children. To diagnose the issues, there are a series of male infertility tests that can be conducted. Depending on the results, Xenith can help you take the next steps toward male infertility treatment.

Male Infertility Subspecialty Clinic

The centre’s full spectrum of fertility tests and services includes semen analysis, sperm processing for IUI and immunologic testing. Advanced semen-testing options offered include measurement of reactive oxygen species, antioxidant levels and sperm DNA damage, assessment of hormonal levels and scrotal scans. We also offer cryopreservation of male gametes (prior to cancer treatment), testicular tissue and epidydimal aspirates.

We are the only Single Speciality Centre in Pune, to have an operating microscope for microsurgical sperm extraction and hence have a much higher chance of obtaining sperms from the testis when surgical sperm retrieval is needed in azoospermia, especially Non obstructive azoospermia.

We offer the best male infertility treatment in Pune. Xenith Advanced Fertility Clinic has an expert panel of doctors who can help you determine the cause of male infertility and offer treatment options at a competitive cost.

Male Sexual Dysfunction

Male sexual dysfunction is a very common issue which couples face. This issue is usually side stepped and not dealt with in the right manner. Many a times, direct IVF treatment is advised to such couples without trying to understand the underlying problem and resolve the issue. Also, not resolving the sexual dysfunction may affect marital life of couples, leading to a lot of stress. At Xenith we specialize in treatments for Male sexual dysfunction, looking into all factors causing this and correcting it, thus not only establishing good sexual and coital function but also the ability to conceive by natural means after this has been treated.

If you are facing any such issues schedule an appointment with us for a resolution.