Advanced IVF Laboratory

All the factors that go into making a superlative IVF lab have been incorporated in Xenith. We have a modular, clean IVF lab with air handling units ensuring a class 10,000 environment, which increases IVF success rates significantly. Our IVF OT also has an air handling unit with HEPA filters ensuring a good environment in the IVF OT. It is a well-established fact that such environment produce better IVF results, all present at Xenith. The advanced equipment installed in the lab makes it ideal.

Our Facilities

Modular IVF Lab with Air Handling Unit and class 10,000 environment

It is a well known fact that, particle count and volatile gases decrease the IVF success rates. Having a modular lab with excellent air handling facility, incorporated with HEPA filters, helps to remove all this from the lab thus increasing pregnancy rates. At Xenith, we have also installed air handling unit in the IVF OT as well ensuring an optimal environment for good embryo development.

Advanced IVF Laboratory Equipment

The IVF lab at Xenith, has multiple incubators for embryo culture, including trigas incubators, which are known to provide the best environment to the developing embryo. This ensures limited handling of the incubators, leaving the embryos undisturbed and preventing its exposure to outside environment. This provides the best environment to the growing embryo, which lies at the core of the IVF success rates.

ICSI machine, Nikon- Narishige, has one of the best optics, helping optimal visualization and aiding precision to the ICSI procedure.

Advanced IUI Laboratory Equipment

Phase Contrast Microscope- In order to give precision to the Semen analysis, we have a Phase Contrast Microscope from Nikon, which delineates sperms and its morphology in detail, helping us identify problems in sperms in a much better manner, making our Semen Analysis reports conclusive.

Operating Microscope for Microsurgical procedures- In many cases of Male Infertility, small procedures are required to be performed on the male reproductive tract, including the testes and the accompanying ducts or the surrounding blood vessels. Xenith is the only Single-Speciality IVF Centre in Pune to have an Operating Microscope for such surgeries which include testicular sperm extraction, epididymal sperm extraction, vaso vasal anastomosis in obstructive azoospermia and varicocele repair. It has been proven that such procedures, when done using a microscope, always gives the best results.

In-house Highly Experienced Embryologists and IVF Technicians

At Xenith, we have in-house dedicated and skilled embryologists who are always around, thus maintaining Lab conditions very well. This prevents the need of “Batch IVF”, where all the patients are pooled and menstrual cycles are altered so as to fit all patients in a batch when the embryologist visits. Our 24 hour Lab surveillance helps us have our Quality Assessment and Quality Control maintained above the standards.

High-end Endoscopy Equipment

Fertility Enhancing Endoscopic Surgery is an important aspect of Infertility management , where procedures are performed through key-hole instruments and cameras. This helps correct pelvic and endometrial problems and achieve successful pregnancies. Our Laparoscopic equipment is

Two-person verification for all processes

We ensure that you get quality services. We make sure that all gametes are checked and verified by two laboratory personnel, before and after labelling, putting checks for identification in place. The samples are further evaluated by the senior embryologists before use.

In-house SRL (Religare) Lab

All blood tests required may be done with our inhouse lab of SRL. This is a pan India well established Pathology and Microbiology Lab, ensuring standardized reports. There is a senior pathologist looking into the reports and communicating with the doctors at Xenith to ensure correct estimations and clinical correlation. These reports if not found co-relating with the clinical picture are then repeated immediately. This continuous loop is very essential in order to ensure the right medications and doses and correct timings of IVF procedures, helping us eliminate errors.

In-house Psychological Counseling Services

Xenith in association with Vidula Psychological centre provides counselling, workshops and therapies such as Dance therapy,etc helping patients reduce their stress burden and have a known counselor to turn to when required.

Our Facilities