Nutrition and Fertility

There is a well-characterized link between nutrition and fertility. Specific foods have been studied to positively impact reproductive functions. Certain nutrients can help promote healthy eggs in a woman and support healthy sperm production. Other nutrients can affect hormonal function. Xenith can help you with an IVF nutrition plan to make sure your diet includes these nutrients. The fertility nutrition plan will also help you reach an optimal weight. Nutrition, weight, and activity play an important role in fertility and conception. Studies show that when there is a good balance of all three, it can lead to higher success rates for IVF patients.

Nutrition & Diet for IVF

Nutrition and fertility link in many different ways. Given the  effects of an optimal weight and a healthy diet on fertility, it’s never too early to draw up an IVF nutrition plan. If you are overweight, a weight loss of 5% to 10% before IVF has been seen to increase chances of pregnancy success. If you are underweight, putting on a few pounds can do the same.
Here are some ways diet and weight can adversely impact reproductive functions:

Nutrition Program

Nutrition Counseling Program
By conducting a detailed diet and lifestyle history, we will develop a tailored plan and implement sensible modifications to promote a healthier lifestyle and achieve your specific health-related goals.
We work with individuals to address management or prevention of health concerns such as:
Our nutrition experts at Xenith will create the best diet to maximize your chances of IVF success. Nutrition for fertility goes hand-in-hand with a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. If your goal is to have the best diet for fertility, let us work together to achieve those goals! The best time to start is about 3 months before you begin an IVF cycle.
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