Patients info

Mr and Mrs P had been trying for 2 years . Mr G had a h/o of azoospermia. They came to know about Xenith advanced fertility centre from a friend and wished to consult Dr Mamta Dighe for her opinion.

Medical tests and Treatment at Xenith

The couple’s history was taken, and they underwent all fertility tests. Husband was asked to undergo a few tests for evaluation of azoospermia. He was found to have small testes on USG. Along with that a hormonal evaluation was done and the diagnosis of non-obstructive azoospermia was made. In such a case expertise along with a high resolution operative microscope is needed to retrieve sperms from the testis. This is because only a few areas inside the testis will have sperms and one needs to target these areas to retrieve sperms. On detailed discussion with the couple, the decision was made to go for IVF-ICSI and the husband underwent Micro-TESE. We succeeded in obtaining sperm.

 Good number of excellent quality embryos were formed with ICSI. All the embryos were frozen. Hysteroscopy was done for MRS P to achieve perfect endometrium before transfer was planned. In that cycle, a specific protocol was followed keeping their history in mind and  the frozen embryo blastocyst transfer was done. 

Treatment Outcome

It succeeded and the patient is carrying twin live intrauterine gestation. The pregnancy went well and the couple was blessed with twins.

The couple expressed happiness that they succeeded in the journey of parenthood. They are in deep gratitude with Dr Mamta Dighe and the whole staff of Xenith for excellent support and guidance in their entire fertility journey.