Yoga and Fertility

The significance of bodily movement and mental harmony for overall well-being is well-known. Regular physical and mental exercise has been proven to rejuvenate both body and mind, strengthen the immune system, and increase lifespan
While strenuous workouts are not recommended during pregnancy, the benefits of yoga, particularly in the pre- and post-natal periods, are abundant.
Yoga promotes a holistic approach that brings union between your body, mind, and soul, and can increase your chances of conceiving; offering a ray of hope for couples on their fertility path.
At Xenith, we can help you create a customised approach to address the challenges you may face on your IVF and fertility journey.

Yoga for IVF

Considering the impact of optimal weight and regular movement on fertility, it’s never too early to develop an IVF yoga plan.
An ideal combination of yoga asanas and proper nutrition can help you reach an optimal weight. Studies have shown that a weight loss of 5% to 10% before IVF can increase the chances of successful pregnancy. If you are underweight, gaining a few pounds can have the same positive effect.
Simultaneously, yoga helps your body and mind produce the right hormones and manage any imbalances. Women with conditions like thyroid and PCOS have found it beneficial to include yoga and meditation in their daily lives.
By incorporating yoga personalised to your health and lifestyle needs, you can unlock its potential for fertility enhancement.
Here are some ways yoga and meditation can positively impact reproductive functions:

Yoga Plan For You

Yoga and Meditation Guidance
Through a detailed analysis of your health and lifestyle, our experts will develop a tailored yoga plan and provide sensible modifications to promote a healthier lifestyle and achieve your specific health-related goals.
We work with couples and individuals to address and prevent various health concerns, including:
At Xenith, our dedicated yoga experts will create the best yoga plan to maximise your chances of IVF success. Attain a healthy body and mind and increase your chances of conception with our guidance.
To build the best lifestyle and mobility plan for fertility, let us work together to achieve those goals! It is recommended to start the program about 3 months before beginning an IVF cycle.

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