Patients info

Case Description and journey so far :

Mr  and Mrs PR have had a very tumultuous journey so far. Mrs PR was diagnosed with low ovarian reserve at the start of her infertility treatment. She went through one IVF cycle with self oocytes but that cycle failed. So she decided for a donor oocyte IVF cycle. She underwent 3 cycles of  Embryo Transfer with embryos made from the donor eggs at another centre but unfortunately, all three cycles failed. However, she knew she couldn’t give up yet. She had heard about Dr Mamta Dighe from her friend and that’s how she came to visit us at Xenith Advanced Fertility Centre.

How did we go about it?

We had to undertake another donor oocyte IVF cycle for the couple  but before that a complete evaluation was done. Special tests were done to check the husband’s sperm function as well.

We decided to perform a hysteroscopy procedure for Mrs PR . During the procedure some significant details were found and corrected there itself. The reason regarding why a Donor oocyte cycle failed 3 times had to be thoroughly evaluated. Immunological factors were evaluated and treatment protocol for the same was implemented. Embryos were prepared using donor oocytes and husband’s sperm. 

After a complete discussion with our entire team and the couple, we decided to perform ERA test- which determines the receptivity of the endometrium i.e the window of implantation after first doing one embryo transfer, as the couple had not undergone an embryo transfer yet at our centre. Unfortunately despite transferring good quality blastocyst there was no pregnancy. 

We then proceeded with the ERA as planned. Though it’s not very common in this case the test was significant and Mrs PR’s endometrium showed that the window of implantation was shifted.

A corrected blastocyst transfer was done based on the ERA report.



A pregnancy test performed 15 days after embryo transfer was positive and a pregnancy scan in the 6th week of gestation revealed a viable singleton pregnancy.

A positive pregnancy test was something Mr and Mrs PR were waiting for the last 3 years. Our team is very thrilled that we could give them the joy of motherhood.