Case Description :

A couple visited with long standing primary infertility of 10 years. Tried multiple IVF cycles, outside but failed. IVF was tried outside with donor oocyte also but failed. Both husband and wife were initially advised to undergo the routine fertility tests. The wife’s scan showed adenomyosis, multiple fibroids and hydrosalphinx. Also she had low ovarian reserve. Husband’s semen analysis was normal.

How did we approach this couple and what did it lead to?

We had a detailed discussion with the couple where the consequences of Self Oocyte and Donor Oocyte for IVF were explored. Taking into account, the woman’s low ovarian reserve, severe endometriosis and adenomyosis, donor oocyte was preferred. The couple concurred to our decision.

A Hystero-Laproscopy procedure was done to confirm and correct the lesions seen on the Ultrasound. The procedure concluded that the wife had severe endometriosis also.

A special test that would give us a deeper analysis on the husband’s sperm function was also performed and proved to be significantly deranged. This was mainly suggested due to the couple’s critical history of previous IVF failures.

Embryos were formed by ICSI procedure on donor oocytes with Husband’s sperm ensuring using good quality sperm of low fragmentation index. After a downregulation in view of the endometriosis and adenomyosis a frozen embryo transfer was performed.

Outcome :

A pregnancy test performed 15 days after embryo transfer was positive and a pregnancy scan in the 6th week of gestation revealed a viable singleton pregnancy. Her pregnancy was uneventful and delivered a full term healthy baby.

This was a couple with long standing infertility who had tried multiple IVF cycles outside. It was the attention to detail regarding the influence of adenomyosis, hydrosalpinx as well as the poor sperm quality with high fragmentation, and rectifying everything that was done by Xenith team which helped the couple achieve a dream which had eluded them for several years. Our team, as well as the couple, were super happy with the result and the couple were very grateful that the fertility team had made their dream of parenting true, despite all the odds.