The recurrent IVF failure case of 33-yr-old Mrs SS was one of the most unfathomable cases Xenith has ever come across. In August 2019, Mrs SS visited Xenith IVF Fertility centre with a long history of infertility riddled with multiple IVF failures.

History of the Couple’s Fertility Journey

In 2019, couple visited an IVF centre and underwent all fertility investigations. Wife was hypothyroid on medication. Both the partners were deemed healthy and the husband’s semen analysis results were normal.

The couple had undergone 2 ovarian stimulations and attempted two fresh and two frozen embryo transfers at another clinic. Every cycle had failed. She had even undergone a Hysteroscopy and endometrial TB test that clinic to ensure that her uterus was ready for implantation.

The couple was devastated beyond imagination and lost hope in the treatment being given to them


The couple visited Dr. Mamta Dighe as their last resort. After an in-depth analysis of their confounding case, she was recommended to undergo a detailed testing including their chromosomal analysis, some immunological evaluation and advanced sperm function tests.

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel: ICSI with TESA

In February 2020, the couple decided to undergo ICSI with Testicular sperm—their final attempt at a second chance of parenthood.

The couple had put all their trust in Team Xenith and every single one of our doctors and staff was rooting for them to succeed. 2 fresh embryos were transferred. But it failed. In next frozen embryo transfer cycle, the BHCG came positive. However she aborted. In view of this despite all her evaluation being normal, a decision was taken to give her Immunotherapy. After her immunotherapy treatment, she underwent one more IVF cycle with fresh embryo transfer. This time, she conceived. Her BHCG was positive. The repeat BHCG was more than double. Patient continued with immunotherapy treatment in pregnancy and frequent thyroid assessment. Her NT scan was normal. Her pregnancy went on well with single intrauterine gestation. She delivered a full term healthy baby.

There Is Always Hope; Even in Hopelessness

Mrs. SS and her husband were a true inspiration to Xenith Advanced Fertility Centre. They proved to us the lengths some aspirant parents are willing to go, so they can bring a little piece of themselves into this world. Nothing could deter them from their pursuit of parenthood.