Patients info

Case Description :

Mrs KK came to Xenith Advanced fertility centre with the last bit of hope. She had a late marriage and by the time she and her husband planned for a pregnancy she was 40 years old. She had already visited fertility doctors and they advised donor oocytes. With her age into consideration, the quality of her own egg was in question and she readily agreed for a donor. Her husband’s sperm count and motility was also deranged but were used for the donor oocyte IVF cycle to prepare embryos after application of further sperm sorting techniques for sperms with good DNA integrity. However, Mrs KK aborted at just 5 weeks during the first embryo transfer and had a negative B HCG in the next FET. She gathered the strength for another Donor oocyte cycle as they were firm on their decision to go forward till they achieved their dream of parenthood.

What did Xenith do?

The couple definitely needed to be spoken to with utmost understanding because of the distressing journey they had been through.

The couple was thoroughly evaluated again for any cause that could have contributed to the failure. In the meantime the husband’s semen count had further drastically reduced and almost came to a condition called azoospermia ( absence of sperm in semen ). A major male factor was overlying. At this point the couple was counselled about both, the possibility of creating embryos with husbands sperm retrieved through testicular aspiration, as well as the option of using donor sperm. They were keen on using at least one of the gametes from self and opted for using husband’s sperm using testicular retrieval of sperms.

Before the procedure, we made sure we weren’t overlooking any endometrial factor. A hysteroscopy was done and necessary corrections were made to enhance fertility.

A downregulation protocol was followed and 2 blastocysts were transferred.

Outcome :

Mr and Mrs KK had a positive serum B-HCG test done 15 days after the FET. She was carefully monitored and given supportive treatment and a pregnancy scan in the 6th week of gestation revealed a viable singleton pregnancy.

A story of hope and courage. Mrs KK wouldn’t have experienced this joy if she had given up. You never know how close you are to your success. So never give up.