Patients info

Case Description :

Mr and Mrs SP were trying to conceive for almost 2 years. Mrs SP was almost 35 years and she had started to get anxious about this. A very close friend of hers and a senior doctor recommended her to visit Dr Mamta Dighe at Xenith Advanced Fertility centre and almost guaranteed her to find success there.


How did we approach this couple and what did it lead to?


The couple was thoroughly evaluated and all the necessary fertility investigations were performed . It turned out that Mrs SP had a very low ovarian reserve. No male factor was eminent. We had a detailed discussion with the couple where the consequences of Self Oocyte and Donor Oocyte for IVF were considered. Somehow the couple was not inclined for a donor oocyte IVF plan. We fully respected their choice and worked out a plan to perform 2 or 3 IVF stimulation cycles to collect an adequate number of oocytes ( Oocyte Pooling) and then prepare the embryos with ICSI procedure using husband’s sperm.


We prepared Mrs SP with a good set of pre-IVF medications and also counseled her on some healthy lifestyle options. We were very happy with her response during IVF stimulations and after 3 cycles we had prepared an adequate number of embryos. However during the IVF cycles we noticed a new hurdle. Her endometrial lining would build up to only about 6-6.5mm. Basically she had a thin endometrium.


After discussing this issue with the couple we went ahead with a Hysteroscopy – a procedure to look inside the uterus. An Endometrial biopsy was taken to evaluate for TB but it wasn’t significant.


Post Procedure her endometrial lining had some improvement but was not adequate. We decided not to hurry. We tried multiple protocols to see how her lining was responding to each  and came up with a suitable protocol for her. We tried not to leave any stone unturned. The Frozen Embryo Transfer was done and 2 blastocysts were transferred. A modified post transfer medication regimen was followed.


Outcome :


A pregnancy test performed 15 days after embryo transfer was positive and a pregnancy scan in the 6th week of gestation revealed a viable singleton pregnancy. Her pregnancy was uneventful and delivered a full term healthy baby.


This was a couple with Primary infertility who came to us expecting a standard treatment but was pounded with bad news at every step. Her low ovarian reserve was already challenging the treatment, when we had to deal with thin endometrium. It was the careful observation of how her body responded and the in depth analysis of each issue done by the entire Xenith team which got us success. Not to mention, the grit and confidence the couple had in us, kept pushing us to perform better. Our team, as well as the couple, were very happy.