Mr and Mrs N were married since 4 years. They were trying for a conception since two years and  Mrs N was concerned as she was diagnosed earlier to have fibroid in her uterus. They had also been advised to undergo a myomectomy or removal of the fibroid through surgery. The couple had searched a lot about fibroid and fertility on internet and got concerned. They came to know about Xenith advanced fertility centre through internet. So, they came to Xenith to consult Dr Mamta Dighe for her opinion.

Medical tests and Treatment at Xenith:

The couple’s history was taken, and they underwent all fertility tests. Wife was found to have mild PCOS. A detailed ultrasound was done to determine the size, position, number of fibroids and their distance from the endometrial cavity. The assessment of the uterine cavity was also done. Th procedure revealed that though the fibroid was a bit large it was adequately away from endometrium and it was not distorting the endometrial cavity. On detailed discussion with couple, the decision was taken to go for IUI cycles first. Her hysterosalphingography showed patent tubes and normal uterus. 

Despite good follicular response and well timed IUI her IUI cycles did not succeed. It was then decided to proceed with IVF. 

IVF cycle was done. Good number of excellent quality embryos were formed. All the embryos were frozen. The procedure of hysteroscopy could be avoided as an adequate assessment of the endometrial cavity was already done. Keeping the presence of the fibroid in mind, the appropriate protocol was individualized for the patient to prepare her endometrium for the frozen embryo transfer. A blastocyst transfer was done.

Treatment Outcome:

Pregnancy was achieved in the first attempt itself and showed a live pregnancy on ultrasound . The patient completed her first trimester uneventfully and the pregnancy is currently ongoing well.

The couple expressed happiness that they succeeded in the journey of parenthood. The procedure of myomectomy could be avoided which was a huge relief for the couple. Also an early resolution to the problem ensured that they moved closer to their dream of parenthood.  Dr Mamta Dighe and the whole staff of Xenith for excellent support and guidance in their entire fertility journey.