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    What is Egg Freezing?

    Egg freezing is scientifically referred to as Oocyte Cryopreservation. An underexplored avenue worth considering for couples and females who want assurance that they can conceive later.

    The process

    The process involves extracting eggs from a woman’s ovaries and freezing them. In future, when you are ready to conceive, these frozen eggs can be thawed and fertilized with sperm—whether from a partner, husband, or donor—in a laboratory procedure known as in-vitro fertilization.

    Valuable option for You

    Egg freezing offers a valuable option for couples seeking to postpone childbirth due to educational, career, or personal aspirations, not having found a desired partner as well as those facing cancer diagnoses, are in separation, and more.

    By preserving fertility, this technique empowers you to take control of your reproductive journey.

    Why Choose Xenith Advanced Fertility Centre for Egg Freezing?

    We are equipped to offer evidence-based treatment in infertility efficiently.

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    Case Studies

    Ms. NS was planning to pursue her Ph.D from overseas. As she was already in her late 20s, she was worried about her fertility.But she also didn’t want to compromise on her career goals as well. She was also suffering from thyroid issues which could affect her chances of conceiving in future.

    She approached Xenith IVF to know about the options available. Process of assessment of ovarian reserve was carried out and she was suggested for oocyte cryopreservation.

    After retrieving quality eggs from Ms. NS we froze them in our lab.

    Now she can pursue her career goals without stressing about her fertility and be a parent when she is ready.

    Mrs XY who was 34 years old already had a 9 year old daughter. She was concerned about her decline in fertility and she hadn’t decided yet if she would plan for a second pregnancy.

    After evaluation and assessing her ovarian reserve, we could consider oocyte freezing for her and with a good ovarian stimulation which is key to getting the optimal quantity and quality of eggs, we retrieved the required number of good quality oocytes in a single cycle.

    As Mr XY(husband) was living overseas, Mrs XY now has her oocytes frozen with us and she feels more in control with her fertility and can conceive later.

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