At Xenith Advanced Fertility Clinic, we have a policy. We know that no two couples are alike in their infertility issues and therefore we offer each couple individualized or personalized infertility treatment plans. That’s because infertility can stem from a variety of causes such as age, lifestyle and issues related to the male and female reproductive system. Infertility issues can stem from disorders like diabetes, obesity, thyroid functions, or hormonal imbalance. It can be a single issue or it can be a combination of issues that can make it difficult for a couple to conceive.

Fortunately, in these modern times, the medical fraternity can now delve deeper into infertility issues thanks to advanced diagnostics, technology, and research. Many more childless couples can look forward to having a baby of their own than they could ten or twenty years ago. Personalization is now a growing trend within reproductive medicine that opens higher quality care to couples with a more individualized approach.

What Is Personalized IVF?

IVF is an expensive process and can be a physically and emotionally challenging experience for couples. Performing diagnostic tests – either some, or all – allows fertility specialists to determine the precise treatment to set couples up for the best chance of a successful cycle.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to providing competent fertility care with consistent success rates. Personalized IVF includes tailoring treatments specific to each couple. This personalized treatment can be based on diagnostics, genetic testing, patient preferences, observed responses to treatment or specific symptoms.

At Xenith, our team will work with you to design an individual IVF protocol based on your diagnostics. We will take into consideration any financial constraints, lifestyle, need for counseling or alternative therapies, along with other factors. We are sensitive to your fertility needs, your comfort, and your personal preferences.

Personalized Fertility Assessment

The personalized infertility treatment begins with an accurate diagnosis of the root cause of infertility. Pinpointing the exact cause of why couples cannot get pregnant is the only way to treat infertility effectively. The assessment and testing process begins with a thorough medical history of each partner. This can include semen analysis, hormone tests, sperm DNA fragmentation tests, and more.

Personalized IVF Protocol

There can be a vast array of factors that impact fertility, implantation, and live birth. Some infertility issues such as tubal blockages can be treated even before a couple attempts to get pregnant. Others such as age (advanced maternal age) cannot be altered. Based on diagnostics, personalized IVF protocols can include minimal stimulation IVF and natural cycle IVF are chosen, and dose modifications are done case-to-case.

Screening for biomarkers or certain genetic signs can increase the chances of more positive outcomes.

Biomarkers are useful in determining a treatment path. Biomarkers like the anti-Mullerian hormone are used to screen for conditions like diminished ovarian reserve. Other biomarkers can help determine whether a patient is subfertile and infertile. They are useful in determining the extent of male infertility through a more detailed look at the sperm genome. Biomarkers give doctors a more definitive diagnosis of fertility issues and are useful even after pregnancy has been achieved.

Endometrial receptive array is used to determine the best timing for implantation. This is particularly useful for women who have experienced repeated implantation failures. Determining the precise time can increase the chances of implantation success.

Genetic testing of embryos is also an important part of personalized IVF treatment. The genetic testing of the embryo before implantation can help reduce the chances of miscarriages.

Benefits of a Personalized IVF Method

Approaching infertility with a highly personalized treatment plan can open up benefits for couples which can include:

  • Reduced patient physical stress
  • Reduced patient emotional stress
  • Reduced patient financial stress
  • Offers the highest chances of pregnancy
  • Produces the best overall patient trust
  • Produces the best overall patient satisfaction

IVF Success Rate in India

Due to more advanced screening and personalized IVF treatment plans, IVF success rates in India have been rising. India is now among the top five countries with the most IVF success rates, making it a prime destination for anyone considering undergoing fertility treatments. Xenith Advanced Infertility Clinic is your one-stop infertility clinic. We have everything you need under one roof right from advanced diagnostics to our own state-of-the-art IVF lab. If you are having problems conceiving, you can be sure you will receive the best infertility treatment at Xenith. We’ve quite friendly, too. Schedule a consultation.

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