Room For Laughter: The Best IVF Treatment Memes

There’s magic in the air when people laugh! It is one of the best no-cost stress-busters around improving your mood and uplifting your spirits. A good, hearty laugh can be just what the doctor prescribes for couples undergoing IVF. It doesn’t just work magic; it can be medicinal, as well.

Time to bring in the clowns? An article published in Time magazine in 2011 described a study of 229 women undergoing IVF treatment. They found that a 15-minute visit from a trained “medical clown” after an embryo transfer was able to increase the pregnancy rate to 36% compared to 20% for women who did not get a visit from the clown. According to Time, “The idea was to help reduce women’s stress, which laughter has been shown to do, and, hopefully, reap the physiological benefits.”

The clown concept was a novel idea and as far as we know no further studies were conducted to prove that the results could be replicated. But there is scientific evidence that suggests that stress can play a role in infertility. At Xenith we work with couples encouraging them to use complementary treatments like acupuncture and Reiki to help relieve some of the stress associated with IVF treatments. In addition, we also encourage couples to …

Have a good laugh!

Stress-relieving therapies are great but sometimes the best way to cope through a difficult time is to have a good laugh. Meirav Zur, an IVF veteran with 11 years of experience in and out of IVF clinics says,

“Infertility is hard, and tough, and emotional, and anything but funny. But it’s also so surreal and awkward, I can’t help but laugh. If infertility is nature’s bad joke, humor became my coping mechanism, the only way this incredibly unfunny process has been bearable.”

Karen who had PCOS and now has two children after IVF says,

“It’s hard for women to go through all of this. My husband got me through it with laughter and humor. We made fun of IVF, because you have to joke about it or else you will cry.” In fact, the entire experience inspired Karen to start her Instagram page called “Hilariously Infertile”.

Taking inspiration from such women, we’ve searched the Internet for the best IVF treatment memes. IVF is no laughing matter. And yet, everyone going through IVF can find the right moment when it is appropriate to laugh. In those moments we can find opportunities to laugh and it will be beneficial

We at Xenith cheer for those couples who are still on the IVF journey and challenge them to laugh a little!

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