I want to show the appreciation I feel towards you and your staff for giving me the ultimate dream of my life. I remember how comfortable you made me feel with your consultation when I first came to you, which made me come back to you without any further doubts or concerns. After meeting with you for the first time, I knew that I was in the right place doing the right thing and that most importantly I was in safe hands. Although the cause of my infertility was unknown after receiving all medical reports, we decided to go for IVF to avoid further delays in starting our family life. The care and the attention that I was given was so positive and convincing that I had no doubts about conceiving in my first trial of IVF.
You not only helped me with the treatment but also gave me lots of courage and strength to believe and expect positive results and made the whole experience stress free by preparing me physically and mentally which is very necessary in this kind of procedure. The whole team worked very closely and explained at every step of the way regarding the progress to ensure the desired results.
Today, I am blessed with two boys and the feeling is out of this world. I had undergone single IVF treatment and conceived in the first trial.
A special thanks to you and your team for making this dream come true. I will always be grateful for having made the right choice by approaching you.

Second Opinion